Mold Testing Including Expedited Lab Results

Mold can sometimes position major health concerns. The existence of visible mold or moldy smells can stop a home sale and affect home value. Badly done clean-ups make cause an entire building to end up being changed. Trigger reaction to grievances can decrease liability issues. ITCMS has 12 years experience performing mold screening at more than 1000 buildings, including homes, offices, apartment or condos, schools, medical centers, etc. We can rapidly perform pre-purchase and damage assessments. We are frequently requested by cleaning firms to supply post clean-up confirmation that a mold clean-up was done correctly. Our services range from extensive testing for large offices and buildings to smaller apartments, condos, and townhouses with a full lab analysis of visible and airborne mold.

Damage Caused By Moisture and Wetness

Many studies have shown health problems are a lot more common in moist structures. Wetness damage can contribute to property damage, musty odors, noticeable mold in addition to causing liability issues. Utilizing a variety of field meters, ITCMS can assist to assess the cause and level of moisture related problems.

Comprehensive Testing For Indoor Air Quality Including VOC Tests

ITCMS has experience with a variety of indoor air quality problems. We can frequently help to determine the reason for health problems or odors in a structure. We have instruments or can make plans with laboratories to spot IAQ associated specifications including co2 and carbon monoxide gas data loggers, ultrafine particles, dust, airborne chemicals, etc

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